Montgomery Advertiser, Ala., Brad Zimanek column: NEWS AND VIEWS: Major leagues need to give SEC tournament clock closer look

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By Brad Zimanek, Montgomery Advertiser, Ala.

Jun. 2--Expect Lakers to get nod in latest NBA Finals battle with Boston . . .

News:The SEC Baseball tournament used an experimental clock between innings and half-innings to speed up play.

Unless there were base runners, the pitchers were limited to 20 seconds between receiving the ball and winding up. An infraction would add a ball to the batter's count. The batter was assessed a strike if he was not ready in the box with five seconds left.

After a third out of each half inning, the teams were given 1:48 to take their positions and be set for the first pitch of the next inning. A defensive violation meant an extra ball with the batter's count. An offensive violation resulted in a strike. ReadMore

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