Advertiser Editorial: Be responsible citizen; vote today

By now, you're probably sick of politics, or at the very least you're sick of the attack ads on television and the taped telephone messages designed to make some candidates look bad.
But we urge you to try to put your disgust with the dirty politics aside and go to the polls today to vote.

We also urge you to try to look past the attack ads -- most of which have little to do with reality -- by studying the actual records and positions on issues of the various candidates. One place to do that is on the Montgomery Advertiser election website at; click on the elections logo.

A list of our editorial recommendations are reprinted below, and the full endorsements can be found at our website. We hope you will not blindly follow our endorsements -- or anyone else's, for that matter -- but just use the endorsements as one of many factor in reaching informed decisions.

The Alabama League of Women Voters has another good website, especially for statewide judicial elections and other election information. It can be found at

If you're not already a registered voter, it is too late to vote in today's primary election. But you still can register to vote in possible runoff elections or in the general election in November.

So if you are a registered voter, find the time today to vote. If you're not registered, please register soon.
Our Endorsements
* If you choose to vote in the Democratic primary:
Governor: Artur Davis
Attorney general: Michel Nicrosi
State treasurer: Charley Grimsley
Montgomery County Board of Education, District 7: Jane Ferguson
Montgomery County District Attorney: Ellen Brooks
* If you choose to vote in the Republican primary:
Governor: Bradley Byrne
Lieutenant governor: Kay Ivey
Attorney general: Luther Strange
Agriculture commissioner: John McMillan
State treasurer: Young Boozer
Public Service Commission, Place 1: Twinkle Cavanaugh
Supreme Court, Place 2: Mike Bolin
Supreme Court, Place 3: James Houts
U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd District: Martha Roby
Montgomery County Board of Education, District 7: Lori White
Autauga County sheriff: Herbie Johnson

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